Our values

Resulting from co-construction with employees, customers, and suppliers, Zalar Agri’ s values bind all staff members and serve as a shared reference for conducting business with partners. These values are robust and inspiring, forming the bedrock of its corporate culture and designed to reflect the Group’s ambitions while fostering a sense of community.

Zalar Agri values



  • Listen to the customer’s needs and analyze their expectations,
  • Adapt proposals to meet the specific needs of the clients,
  • Meet clients’ expectations in terms of reliability and continuity of service,
  • Get all mobilized to keep a noticeable value for the clients.



  • Accept and celebrate others in their difference and diversity,
  • Be humble in our relationships with each another,
  • Continually learn from each other’s experiences,
  • Embracing the possibilities to meet the challenges.



  • Seek individually and collectively to create added value,
  • Master every detail for a positive impact,
  • Encourage organizational flexibility in projects,
  • Set a good example through our behavior and actions.



  • Unite the teams around the company project,
  • Persevere to honor commitments made,
  • Include sustainability in its social and environmental dimensions in the levers of growth,
  • Advancing and progressing together with our stakeholders.


  • It’s trying, undertaking and taking risks,
  • It’s asking questions and providing answers,
  • It’s about reaching out to others,
  • It’s being yourself.

❝Quality is – and always will be – an immutable pillar of our strategy and identity.❞

The late Mohammed Chaouni Benabdellah, Founder (1977)

—Zalar Agri

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