Because of our profession that we practice close to nature, we are aware of our responsibility for the preservation of the natural wealth, and reasoned agriculture respectful of the soil and the environment is part of Zalar Agri engagement.

Environnement Zalar Agri

Soil and water conservation

Conservation of natural resources requires careful management of our operations and we implement farming practices that contribute to the preservation of the soil by using fertilizers in a moderate and balanced way.

Efficient systems with micro irrigation are thus generalized to all our farms to optimize our water consumption.

Zalar Agri engagement

Energy efficiency

Alongside water and soil, energy efficiency is at the heart of climate change issues.
Zalar Agri’s approach in this regard is based on regular monitoring of its energy consumption to analyze its performance and work on the levers for reducing its energy needs. The use of sustainable technologies such as solar and photovoltaic are part of our energy strategy.

Zalar Agri engagement

Waste valorization

Zalar Agri has established partnerships with qualified service providers recognized by the Ministry of the Environment to ensure that our waste is treated according to existing channels.

Upstream, we raise awareness of waste generation and recycling and work with our customers to define appropriate packaging that uses less plastic.

Zalar Agri

Focus: Technology for soil conservation

At its pilot site in Fkih Ben Saleh, Zalar Agri used drone technology to spread fertilizer and treat plots. This technique has a double advantage both environmentally and in terms of preserving the health and safety of employees.

Thanks to a precise targeting in terms of surface to be treated and the optimal doses to be applied, this technology makes it possible to clearly improve the output and considerably reduce the losses due to generalized treatments.

—Zalar Agri

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