Our Approach

Zalar Agri approach is to place its social responsibility at the heart of its business plan. to create value in a sustainable, responsible and respectful manner. We conduct our business responsibly, taking into account the expectations of our employees, customers, environment, business partners and communities.

We ensure that we exercise this responsibility in our day-to-day business operations.

Human capital

Zalar Agri is convinced that its strength lies in its women and men. it’s one of the main Zalar Agri approach.



Zalar Agri approach remains in its responsibility for the preservation of the environment.


Value chain

Zalar Agri places great importance on the quality and safety of its products…


Social commitment

We are constantly listening to the local communities…



Zalar Agri’s continuous improvement process is regularly evaluated both internally and externally according to various international standards.
The agricultural practices are certified according to the Global Gap standard for the deployment of food security and sustainable development and sustainable agriculture .


—Zalar Agri

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