Zalar Agri awards

Zalar Agri’s continuous improvement process is regularly evaluated both internally and externally according to various international standards. Zalar Agri awards according to the international standards are numerous.

certifications zalar agri

Agricultural practices are certified according to the Global Gap standard for the deployment of food security, sustainable development and sustainable agriculture.

certifications zalar agri

The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.

certifications zalar agri

Zalar Agri’s in-house packing stations are certified according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard, which groups together food safety requirements in recognition of the culture of product quality and safety.

Certifications Zalar Agri SMETA

Zalar Agri is a member of Sedex, a group of companies that promote the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) code in health and safety, labor standards, environment and business ethics according to the SMETA audit methodology.

food safety

When Zalar Agri collaborates with external packing stations, the same requirements are applied to its partners.

—Zalar Agri

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